Training / Education

We are your source for Fire Training, Codes, Leadership, Education and Mentoring Courses.
“It is our desire to foster and promote fire and life safety methods by assisting public and private organizations in meeting regulatory code requirements, and to educate our clients to elevate their ability to offer their services and products, in turn, to their own clients. Our approach employs a practical application of our various programs which is designed to fit the specific needs of each of our clients, primarily through education. We are prepared to provide general or specific information for the short term or long term.” Hans Henneberque

Hans Henneberque

Principle of H and S Associates Fire Consultant & Instructor

Jon R. Corbett

CEO of Locked in Fire and Engineering & Senior PE


  • Codes & Regulations & Compliance
  • Emergency Storage
  • Car Stackers
  • Smoke Control
  • Cannabis Design/Operation
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fuel Oil Systems
  • Fire Inspector-SFT series
  • Fire Management-SFT series
  • Fire Training
  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Mentoring Courses

We take our responsibilities seriously. Not just in terms of fire safety and fire protection, but also in ensuring that we operate efficiently and effectively.

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