Expert Witness / Litigation

Our highly qualified Engineering Team has decades of fire protection industry experience with specialized knowledge. This expertise allows our engineering staff to provide expert witness services and forensic analysis services including, fire protection system failures, construction requirements, change order concerns, all relating to Building and Fire Codes. These provided services may become involved for several reasons including but not limited to, failure of a fire alarm system or fire suppression system activation, failure to notify occupants or monitoring stations, faulty operation of such systems to name a few. Our expert’s scientific, technical, and knowledge of principals and methods can quickly determine the facts.

  • Consulting Expert trial preparation
  • Testifying Expert Witness
  • Fire & Building Codes/Standards review and Interpretation
  • Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Flammable Liquids/Hazardous Materials Consulting
  • Standard of Care for Fire Investigations
  • Standard of Care for Application of Codes and Standards
  • Fire Life Safety System Failures

We take our responsibilities seriously. Not just in terms of fire safety and fire protection, but also in ensuring that we operate efficiently and effectively.

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