Fire Protection & Mechanical Engineering


Fire Protection & Mechanical Engineering


Dynamic principle engineering leader professional possessing a proven track record of superior performance Mechanical & Fire Protection systems, seeks to leverage expertise in Program Leadership, Project Management, Design Development/Review, Technical Analysis, Strategic Reporting, Stakeholder Engagement, Resource Alignment, Operational Optimization, Risk Mitigation, Advisory/Consulting, Budget Administration, and Regulatory Compliance to support key initiatives and critical safety within a progressive organization.


Program Management Highly experienced in assessing true needs and expectations, building lasting professional relationships. Grow and deepen strategic partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial outcome.

Process Streamlining Effectively manage diverse tasks, with varying degrees of complexity, within a wide range of environments; evaluate situations, assess emergent needs, and implement solutions in a prompt and efficient/effective manner.

Resource Coordination Possess a proven ability to anticipate unique requirements or potential roadblocks in all situations. Continually develop back-up plans to minimize risk and deliver exceptional results; streamline communication and implementation channels to effectively meet client and organizational needs.

Leadership Have a demonstrated track record of outstanding service; a calm, dependable professional who devotes every effort to achieving the best results.


San Francisco Fire Dept.

2006 to June 2021

Fire Protection Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Conduct code-based mechanical, life-safety, and architectural reviews of project plans and specifications for new and existing construction.

Maintain public relations with architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders.

Perform inspections of fire suppression systems, fire pumps, smoke control systems, emergency generator, fuel-oil systems, and fire alarm systems.

Research and interpret building/fire codes, preparing informative and instructional public administrative bulletins
concerning codes.

Prepare/approve design specifications for life-safety, mechanical, and architectural systems/plans.

Schirmer Engineering Corp.

2004 to 2006

Senior Designer

Concord, CA

Performed inspections and testing of fire suppression systems, fire pumps, smoke control systems, and fire alarm systems, preparing reports for inspection/survey findings e.g. due diligence, and plan review comments.

Managed technicians, project management, and prepared drawings and criteria for life-safety systems.

Conducted Smoke Control analyses, prepared reports, and coordinated peer review.

Investigated mechanical/fire system failures and report preparation.



Engineer in Training (EIT)

Walnut Creek, CA

Managed code-based life-safety plan reviews, site inspections/surveys, and testing of fire sprinkler, smoke control, and fire alarm systems.

Compiled reports for surveys, code evaluations, and plan reviews of life-safety systems.

Performed acoustic sound calculations for fire alarm minimum dB analysis.



Design Engineer

South San Francisco, CA

Conducted fire sprinkler systems design, hydraulic calculations, and material listing.

Led project management, conducting surveys of existing buildings for fire sprinkler design.

Prepared system estimation layouts, take-off of materials, and permit applications/submittals.


2000 to 2001

Project Manager

San Leandro, CA

Conducted construction coordination and design meetings to meet project goals.

Performed estimating, design, obtained permits, and coordinated written/oral communications with clients and authorities having jurisdiction.

Facilitated surveys of fire sprinkler systems at various stages of installation to ensure code compliance.


1990 to 2000

CEO/Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Pleasant Hill, CA

Conducted construction coordination and design meetings to meet project goals.

Oversaw all aspects of operations for this small niche contracting company, including accounting, payroll, project management, client/AHJ relations, and team management.

Led a dedicated group of 1-15 employees and industry specialists to support project needs.

Estimated, designed, inspected, tested, installed, and maintained fire suppression systems in California.



Conferred 2005
BS Mechanical Engineering
Berkeley, CA

Graduate Courses completed: Fire Protection Engineering & Advanced Combustion


Engineer in Training 
Certificate No. 123752  

Fire Protection Engineer California
License No. 1683

Mechanical Engineer California
License No. 36455

Fire Protection Engineer Arizona
License No. 69044

Fire Protection and Mechanical Engineer Nevada
License No. 27145

Fire Protection and Mechanical Engineer Oregon
License No. 95244PE

Fire Protection and Mechanical Engineer Washington
License No. 57878

Mechanical Engineer Massachusetts
License No. 55694

Professional Engineer Colorado
License No. 0056537

Professional Engineer Missouri
License No. 2020027001

NICET Certification in Fire Protection Engineering Technology
Certificate No. 73151

Edu-Code International, Principals of Fire Protection Engineering
Certificate No. 52ED06T

I.B.C. Training Courses and Certifications

ASME Seismic Design and Retrofit of Equipment and Piping Certificate


A.S.M.E Member

National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 13, 200, and 36 Committee Member

Society of Fire Protection Engineers, COA Committee and Fire Service Subcommittee

National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies, Level III Fire Sprinkler Technician


NIST Fire/Smoke Analysis Programs: Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS), Smoke View, CONTAM, & FPE Tools

Computer Hydraulic Calculations, e.g. HASS, Sigma, Walsh, and many others

Message Passing Interface (MPI), Multiple Computer Grid, used for large FDS Simulations

Bluebeam Revu

2D & 3D Computer Aided Design

AutoCAD/Mechanical Drawing

Computer Programming: Matlab, Excel, Cantera, & Fortran

Microsoft Programs: Word, Excel, Project, Power Point, MS Teams and all Windows Operating Systems

We take our responsibilities seriously. Not just in terms of safety and fire protection, but also in ensuring that we operate efficiently and effectively.

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